The best cure for prostatitis — what to choose?

The disease is dangerous for its consequences, which can be varied and not very bright. The acute phase threat to the development of an abscess of the prostate. The chronic phase represents a later danger is sclerosis of the prostate, when the prostate tissue substitute scars, and this leads to shrinkage and a very strong reduction in size of the prostate.


The prostate gland is the main center for the development of male sex hormones that allows men to conform to that word and feel men. The glandular tissue of the prostate gland produces prostatic fluid, the prostate secretion and sex hormones.

Inflammation of the prostate gland often leads to sexual dysfunction, has a very negative effect on the process of formation of male germ cells — spermatogenesis.

Before prescribing drugs to the man it is necessary to pass tests to figure out what caused the inflammation. It is important that treatment until full recovery. This allows you to avoid relapse, complications, transition prostatitis chronic. Doctors carried out a complex effect on the disease. Apply the following tools:

  • tablets;
  • injections;
  • rectal suppositories;
  • microclysters;
  • the bladder – filling the inner cavity of the medication;
  • prostate massage;
  • physiotherapy;
  • infusion therapy for intoxication.

The best cure prostatitis difficult to distinguish – of a variety of drugs with different action:

  • pills is required to take the oral method, they kill germs, relieve spasms, reduce pain, eliminate depression;
  • injections – medication is injected muscle, a vein, rapidly enters the body, has anti-inflammatory, stimulates the immune system;
  • candles are placed in the rectum, anesthetized, have antibacterial properties.

Effective medication and their applications

For the treatment of chronic bacterial prostatitis antibiotics are used, are able to suppress pathogenic microflora.


So, may be administered antibacterial drugs groups such as fluoroquinolones, macrolides, tetracyclines, cephalosporins.

In the chronic form of the disease to achieve good therapeutic effect of antibacterial drugs are used for quite a long time. Duration of reception depends on many factors, the necessary duration of therapy may range from 2 to 6 weeks.

Drug therapy can be prescribed only by a physician, it is impossible for prostatitis to self-medicate.

If patients concerned about painful symptoms and help heal drugs. What kind of pills from prostatitis is the most effective? One drug does not exist, the choice depends on the problem.

What an efficient cure for prostatitis? In addition to antibiotics after the examination, the specialist can advise the patient, and other dosage forms. We present three of the most effective medicines which help to cope with illness.

Alpha blockers

Alpha blockers are special medicines for the prostate, designed to facilitate the course of the disease, but not cure it.

One of the major symptoms of prostatitis is the disorder of the urinary functions. Competent appointment agonists is intended to normalize urination, restore sexual function of men.

This group of drugs is widely used not only for prostate, but also in case of BPH, and their effectiveness is based on blocking the alpha-adrenergic receptors to prevent their contact with the noradrenaline and agonists. As a result, the receptors in the blood vessels do not receive vasoconstrictor nerve signals, thereby achieving their expansion, with a consequent improvement of blood circulation.

How to choose a product

To find effective means to consider in what form takes the prostatitis. Depends on the success of the treatment. In the acute form of the disease prescribe antibiotics. The drug, duration of the course, picks up the doctor – it all depends on the results of the analyses of the causes of prostatitis. Acute process is accompanied by:

  • high temperature;
  • the appearance of chills;
  • purulent secretions;
  • pain in the groin area;
  • the urge to urinate.

If prostatitis is not recovered, he passed into the chronic form, there will be nagging pain in the urogenital organs, reduced potency, irritability, insomnia. In such a situation, effective means of improving blood flow, relieving pain, swelling, inflammation, counteracting microbes. Doctors use:

Anti-inflammatory drugs

They are a group of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, which typically are assigned as treatment and elimination of a variety of pain and also great for relieving the inflammatory process in the prostate gland.

Despite its useful qualities, the treatment may not produce the desired effect, and in such cases the attending doctor will prescribe you to enter another group of hormonal drugs.

Prostatitis in men treated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs/NSAID) that meets the requirements of efficiency, but at the same time safe for the body. The purpose of these drugs is suppression of the inflammatory process affecting the prostate and, possibly, seminal vesicles, bladder neck and distal urinary tract.

With ineffective antibiotic therapy or in case of non-bacterial nature of the disease are assigned non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

NSAIDs actively suppress any inflammation well relieve swelling, have pronounced analgesic properties. Due to the adverse effects of these drugs on the digestive system of the patient recommended short courses of their application with weekly intervals.


To date, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate available in:

  • rectal suppositories;
  • tablets/capsules;
  • injection/injections.

Anti-inflammatory agents (steroid and non-hormonal)

The use of hormonal drugs in the treatment of prostatitis should be allowed only if running a chronic course of the disease, which antibiotics, alpha-blockers and anti-inflammatory drugs are not able to normalize a disturbed hormonal balance.

Depending on the purpose, the patient can be assigned to as androgens that increase the level of male hormones (testosterone) in the blood and estrogens that inhibit the production of dihydrotestosterone, which causes tissue growth of the prostate.

In the treatment of prostatitis strictly by the physician may apply hormonal preparations which are intended to perform the following tasks:

  • to eliminate the inflammatory process;
  • stimulate erectile function.

The most effective remedy for prostatitis

Illness could not manifest itself. Minor pain and some discomfort no cause for concern. Such signs are rather quickly and without medical intervention.

Intrigue of the disease lies in the fact that when the penetration of infection into the prostate involves the whole urogenital system and adjacent tissues, which causes additional urological complications.

Develops pyelonephritis, cystitis, lesions of the reproductive system with complications in the form of urethritis, of vesiculitis, sterility, adenoma and cancer.


Symptoms of the disease depends on the nature of the inflammatory process, duration of the disease, the degree of lesions of neighboring organs, from the regularity of sexual intercourse. Also plays an important role, what kind of lifestyle (active or passive) is male.

The causes that trigger chronic forms of the disease:

  • infection of the genitourinary system and prostate (ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, candidiasis, Mycoplasma, gonococcal and herpes virus infection);
  • violation of blood flow in the pelvis, which leads to stagnation;
  • immunosuppression of different etiologies;
  • physical inactivity and sedentary, sedentary work;
  • irregular sex life, long-term abstinence, interrupted sexual intercourse without orgasm;
  • fatigue, injury and damage;
  • the abuse of alcohol and spicy foods;
  • curbing urination and irregular bowel movement (constipation).


As you know, in the treatment of any disease, reduced immunity, deteriorating General condition. As a Supplement to the basic treatment prescribers, raising protective forces of an organism — the General and local immunity.

Complicated course of acute prostatitis is exacerbated by the development of immunosuppression, which may increase under the influence of a number of antibiotics and other drugs. For this reason, there is a need to strengthen the resistance (resistance) of the organism against the pathogenic microflora, which is carried out by using Immunostimulants.

Don't forget that the immune system also contribute vitamins a, C and E, so experts recommend to actively eat foods that contain these substances in large quantities.



Painkillers are usually needed in the early stages of therapy, when treatment has not yet managed functionally to improve the condition of the prostate which the patient experiences pain during urination, bowel movements, sitting too long on hard surfaces or physical activity.

These funds have a variety of structural analogues (generics), and they are produced by many companies, but doctors advised to give preference to domestic analgesics not to overpay for the brand.

Muscle relaxants

From the class of muscle relaxants in urology decided to appoint antispasmodics – drugs that promote the relaxation of smooth muscles in a state of spasm. This therapy is effective in acute course of prostatitis that causes involuntary spasm of the muscles of the prostate and the entire pelvic floor.


Herbal medicines prescribed for prostatitis, are most often Badami, produced in the form of rectal suppositories, capsules or tablets. Popular extracts that form the basis of such preparations the bark of the African plum, the fruit of the creeping (or dwarf) trees and grass of Tribulus terrestris. Is used less often, the extract of prostate gland of animals (cattle).

There is also a group of medicines like homeopathic medicines for the treatment of inflammation of the prostate.

Rectal suppositories

Another dosage form for treatment of prostatitis – candles. This is one of the most effective means of prostatitis. Their range is now so wide that to decide on suitable hard. Let's analyze the three most effective kinds.

Ichthyol candles – an effective remedy for the treatment of prostatitis. The product is based on ichthammol, which is a related sulfur, making the candles has a specific sharp smell.

Used in various forms of prostatitis. Candles have anti-inflammatory, antiseptic effect, have healing properties, restore vascular tone, improve blood circulation, improve the metabolic processes.

As contraindications individual intolerance of the drug components. The treatment Ichthyol candles is recommended to continue as long as there will be no full recovery.


It is very important not to run disease and in time to see a specialist. But more importantly, to prevent the emergence of prostatitis. Always much better to prevent disease than to treat it then chronic. There are not very complex preventive measures:

  • it is better to abandon the "fashionable" underwear, which causes discomfort and all compresses;
  • wear regular cotton briefs that do not constrain movements and not interrupting the blood flow;
  • avoid hypothermia (especially in the groin area);
  • as you move more.

All of the above is the only primary prevention. But for better confidence in your health you must comply with the measures and secondary prevention:

  • regular examination by a urologist;
  • the use of multivitamins and other immune-supporting means.

Prostatitis affect the ability of procreation, only if the disease has moved into an acute form with severe complications. Even a mild form of chronic prostatitis does not affect the ability to conceive a child.

Not be amiss before execution of the plan to be examined by a urologist. Because very often the cause of prostatitis is infection. And in this case harmful bacteria can be transmitted to a woman or have a negative impact on the future child.

By observing preventive measures and advice, men can protect themselves from chronic prostatitis or minimize the risk of disease. To do this:

  • lead an active lifestyle;
  • to wear spacious, and comfortable underwear made of natural fabrics;
  • balanced diet that the body receives right amount of vitamins and minerals, especially zinc;
  • give up bad habits (alcohol and Smoking);
  • conduct regular sex life;
  • not SuperCool, exercise, hardening, strengthen the immune system;
  • to avoid stressful situations, if you need to take a sedative drugs of natural origin (Valerian, motherwort, peony).

All men after 20 years recommended annual routine visit to the urologist.

Prevention of prostatitis requires, first and foremost, maintain a healthy lifestyle, including regular sexual activity.