Medicines from prostatitis


Prostatitis is an acute inflammatory process in the prostate tissue.

Currently, the range of drugs from prostatitis widely represented.

Any medication for the treatment of prostatitis should be administered by a medical specialist. The bulk of medicines can be divided into several groups.


Apply, if the disease is of viral nature. They are effective in the treatment of prostatitis.

Antibacterial group of drugs

Antibiotics for treatment of prostatitis are prescribed in the cases when pathogens are disease-causing bacteria. Because the tests for determining the type of microbes that caused acute inflammation, take longer than a week and acute the patient's condition does not allow long waits for treatment often start out "blind". Initially prescribed broad-spectrum antibiotics, and according to the results of bacteriological studies of treatment may be adjusted.

The list of diverse antibacterial drugs.


The acronym of this group of drugs stands for "nonsteroidal antiinflammatory drugs". These medicines to treat prostatitis prescribed for pain and increased tone of the muscles of the perineum, problems with urination, inflammatory process. The purpose of the use of these drugs is to remove the negative, the painful symptoms of the disease: malaise, swelling, elevated body temperature.


This group of drugs doctors prescribe, when necessary to facilitate the outflow of urine from a patient, to reduce the probability of an outcome of hyperplasia.

Medications, relieves increased muscle tone

This group of substances are muscle relaxants, the ability of which is the removal of spasm of the muscles of the pelvis.

Examples of commonly used drugs

Action of medicines from prostatitis in complex therapy should be directed to:

  • the restoration of blood microcirculation and strengthen the walls of blood vessels,
  • reduction of swelling and
  • regulation of functions of urinogenital system,
  • regulation of metabolism in the prostate gland,
  • the normalization of urination and the prostate.