Prevention of prostatitis at home


The most evil men the disease is not a heart attack or stroke, and prostatitis. You simply can't do the normal thing — go to the toilet. When you try to urinate it hurts, the urine comes out drop by drop, making for a long time stuck in the bathroom and run into it again within five minutes. And cramps in groin, fever and chills... Pleasant enough.

To understand how to prevent the development of disease and what is the prevention of prostatitis exist, we spoke with experts in the field.

How to start prevention of prostatitis

  1. Protect yourself from infections

    The main cause of prostatitis is infection. It is therefore very important to prevent germs into the prostate.

    In the prostate can get two types of microbes:

    • pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases;
    • Escherichia coli.

    In the first case, the prevention of prostatitis clear. No matter how beautiful was not a girl and wouldn't without a condom — no, no! And not only from prostatitis will protect, if that.

    In the second case, E. coli can get on your precious cock dirty hands not washed after using the toilet, or during anal sex without a condom. Yes, even with his wife. Therefore, hygiene is everything! Wash hands, wash penis, use a condom.

  2. Not SuperCool

    Because hypothermia decreases the immunity and stagnant blood in the pelvic organs. The same E. coli, which is normally present in our body can multiply rapidly and get not there if to freeze. Stagnant blood causes swelling of the organs, including the prostate. In the end, worse comes to urine and germs are easier to attach and multiply.

    - For the prevention of prostatitis it is important to avoid major risk factors. It is important not SuperCool and soberly assess their strength during hardening. With a sharp hypothermia the body can not resist the infection, which prior to this was successful, - explain the experts.

  3. Move more!

    In our time, when most of the time we sit in the office, then sitting in the car, and then occupy a comfortable position on your sofa, the movement of the body is sorely lacking! There is no movement — starts stagnation of blood, the pelvic organs are compressed and worse than work.

    - The best prevention of prostatitis — how it is possible to lead a sedentary life, - experts advise. - Walk for lunch, warm up in the office after a long meeting and at the time of writing the report, take the stairs instead of take the Elevator. Use every opportunity to walk!

  4. Regularly have sex

    Regular sex is an excellent prevention of prostatitis. It is the key to a good long work prostate. During sex powerfully increases circulation, better metabolism going. Again, the prostate gland actively secretes its juice, which is the fluid part of semen. No stagnation and therefore no chance for infection to gain a foothold. Masturbation is in this respect worse when there are no active movement of the pelvis and there is such a powerful increasing blood circulation.

    But remember about safety, sexually transmitted infections. Using protection!

  5. Do not abuse alcohol

    First, alcohol itself lowers the immune system and the body harder to fight infections. Second, the alcohol dilates blood vessels, leading to different swelling, which we have already spoken. Thirdly, from the effects you may be drawn to the exploits. And there already and to nearby unprotected sex with an unfamiliar woman and falling asleep in a strange place on the cold floor.

  6. Treat chronic disease

    When hypothermia or large amount of alcohol consumed, the infection can get into the prostate and other organs from internal foci of infection. For example, from carious teeth. The lesion may also become chronic sinusitis, sinusitis, otitis, bronchitis or a sore throat. It would seem that where the throat and where the prostate, but. Therefore, for the prevention of prostatitis and other diseases is necessary to treat chronic infections.

Medicines from prostatitis

Used to treat a whole range of drugs from prostatitis:

  • antibiotics. Since the main cause of prostatitis is infection, first treat it.
  • anti-inflammatory and pain relievers (for scientific "nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory"). These drugs bring down the temperature during acute prostatitis, relieve pain and inflammation with the prostate gland.
  • alpha blockers. These are preparations, relaxing the prostate gland and improves the flow of urine. Due to the inflammation of the prostate increased in size, pressing on the urethra and prevents the urine normally go.
  • vitamins and dietary supplements. They improve the restoration of normal function of the prostate gland after the infection is defeated and the inflammation removed.

But the devices sold for the treatment of prostatitis, in 99% useless, experts believe. These laser, electromagnetic pulse and a miracle-priborchik.

Folk remedies for prostatitis

The most popular method of treatment for prostatitis is propolis. To apply his advice in the form of candles and in the form of tinctures. It is believed that propolis has a small anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial action, but the key word — small! No to fight the infection causing prostatitis or inflammation in which the hellish pain and temperature below 40 degrees, propolis no, of course not.

Another popular folk remedy of prostatitis pumpkin seeds. Ate and order. But actually you have to understand that pumpkin seeds are effective only for certain types of worms. It does not kill them, but just cause discomfort, which the worms can start to crawl out of the man. Because worms do not cause prostatitis, and treatment pumpkin seeds is pointless.

Many are used for treatment of prostatitis burdock root. Burdock has diuretic and wound-healing effect and it has a lot of inulin, which is useful in diabetes. Ran as such for prostatitis not, therefore, be treated nothing special. But the diuretic effect will give you torture. Imagine — you have so urine can not break through the suppressed prostate urethra, and you increase the pressure, increasing yourself the pain and frequency of visits to the toilet. It is necessary to you?

In folk medicine for treatment of prostatitis also suggest to use the broth of the bear (red) root. The main effect of its application is anti-inflammatory. But it is quite weak in order to bring down the temperature and pain. Besides, with the infection bear root does not fight.

- Our people is so severe that it can treatment anything. - experts say. The basis of all of the drugs that are now advertised and sold as dietary Supplements, are herbal ingredients. They have a light anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effectiveness. But as the only means of treatment of prostatitis they are too weak, as they have extremely low efficiency. Recommend can not do anything. The main problem of traditional medicine — the loss of time and the late start of proper treatment.

Bath for prostatitis

- The most effective folk treatment of prostatitis is a bath! specialists say. - Warming, the alternation of heat and cold can be useful. But it is important to remember that the bath is contraindicated for people who have problems with heart and blood vessels. A very important point! In patients older than 50 years need to be 100% sure that this is prostatitis, not prostate cancer. Because the symptoms of chronic prostatitis are the same as those of adenoma and prostate cancer. And it is important not to lose time trying to cure the wrong disease. The procedure is as follows: first, rule out cancer, then treat prostatitis.

To go to bath or sauna to treat prostatitis is possible only in good health! You can't walk immediately after a meal or in a state of alcoholic intoxication. It is impossible to walk in acute prostatitis, when you have a fever! Only after the normalization of well-being to secure the treatment and prevention of prostatitis.

In the bath or sauna it is better not to overheat, to walk for pleasure, not for records of endurance. Went on for 15-20 minutes in the steam room, he sat out to rest for 30-40 minutes. Then again to go to warm up. In snow or ice pool is better not to climb — otherwise you may get a new wave of prostatitis hypothermia!

Exercises to practice at home from prostatitis

- Exercises for prevention prostatitis online now very much. But for the most part it's all marketing and advertising, - experts say. - Regular DAILY walking, squats and climbing stairs will be much more useful! Clearly, not hunting, but you force yourself to exercise at least minimal activity. And regular sex life!

If you have for example office work, there is nothing stopping you during your lunch break to go to the dining room not the Elevator, and go through several floors on foot. Spent 2 hours at the meeting? After it exit to the corridor and do a few squats. In General, the squat is the exercise that gets the blood pumping well into the pelvis and struggles with stagnation.

After work, come home — leave the car in the yard and go to the store walk and not drive it on the road. Go up to your floor by stairs, not the Elevator. If you live very high — part of the way there, take the Elevator, and part of the walk.

It is necessary to exercise regularly. Records is not necessary, but walking for 40 minutes a day, or fitness classes 2-3 times a week with exercises for lower body will help. Cycling, walking, squatting, bending, swimming is very good as exercises to practice at home from prostatitis.

Remember the main exercises for the prevention of prostatitis:

  • walking;
  • squats;
  • bending forward;
  • leg swings;
  • leg lifts lying down;
  • walking up the stairs;
  • Cycling;
  • swimming.